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Financial Book Closure

With technical expertise across sectors backed by experienced professionals servicing enterprise customers, we have reduced book closure life cycles by over 25% with increased accuracy

Consark’s solution provides important insights to controllers so as to incorporate necessary adjustments in the books of accounts.

Given our knowledge across different sectors and also given the experience of our partners in Big 4 accounting firms this offering adds intense value and focuses on enabling more efficiency in the financial book closure process.

Our customers get a chance to experience the following favourable outcomes in relation to the book closure exercise:

  • Significant reduction in book closure lifecycles
  • Smooth and crisp experience with auditors (where audits are applicable)
  • Reduction in finance team’s manhours in the book closure process
  • Access to bespoke checklists and templates to streamline the book closure process

Accounting Reconciliations - Receivables & Payables Management

An intuitive intelligent reconciliation engine has been built to reconcile any two data sets based on multiple customisable parameters. This product led solution unleashes the power of cloud computing thereby processing large transaction volumes.

This reconciliation engine has a classic case in the area of receivables management especially where cash flows are from various sources and they require mapping with the billing/sales.

Experience the following advantages with our receivables management solution

  • Seamless integration with accounting data
  • Concurrent reconciliations with multiple data points
  • Building a robust audit trail surrounding reconciliations
  • Ability to build query reports on DIY (‘Do it Yourself’) basis

GAAP Compliance

Whether it is IFRS or US GAAP Team Consark has worked on both the accounting frameworks extensively.

Consark’s unique proposition lies in its capabilities to marry business objectives with accounting framework requirements thereby harmonising various stakeholder requirements.

We provide bespoke solutions for all your GAAP Compliance needs including providing automated solutions surrounding where possible.

Some of the key deliverables that you can take away as a customer are:

  • Accounting frameworks harmonised into business objectives
  • Accounting advisory on specific transactions which includes advising on underlying documentation/contracts
  • Access to standard reporting or accounting templates for ease of transition to the finance team
  • Training and support for finance teams on all GAAP related matters

Our solutions are trusted by

  • 170+ clients across 90+ business groups
  • 60% customers > 5 yrs relationship
  • Customers in India, US, UK & Singapore
  • Servicing Fortune 500, listed & private equity invested companies across sectors

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