Crafting customer love – Navigating the path from services to products!

Embarking on a transformative journey alongside our customers has been nothing short of a captivating adventure over the past 10 years. Here at Consark, we unfold a tale that transcends the traditional service-provider narrative, blending evolution, teamwork, and delightful customer experiences. What sets Consark apart? It’s not just the innovative tech; it’s the unparalleled relationships we’ve forged with our 190+ customers. Our story goes beyond software – it’s about crafting customer love, one innovation at a time, building lasting relationships that stand the test of time.

A decade ago, our journey began with big dreams and a simple goal: to exceed customer expectations as a dedicated service provider. Fast forward to 2023, and we realized the game was changing with disruptive technological advancements like blockchain approaches to security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. In the last year or so, we’ve not just kept pace but evolved our approach. It’s not about experiments anymore; it’s about having a clear vision for the firm’s product-led journey and executing it one step at a time. The key? Making sure every effort ties together seamlessly – no loose ends, just a unified path forward.

What makes this story truly remarkable is not just the shift from service to product but the positive embrace it has received from our customers. Instead of a mere transformation, it’s been a collaborative dance where our customers have led, and we’ve followed suit. Their feedback, aspirations, and challenges have been the compass guiding our evolution. 60% of our cherished customers have chosen to ride the Consark wave for over five years. Their continued love is not solely attributed to our advanced solutions but reflects the collaborative journey we undertake together. Our commitment to client success goes beyond the transactional; it’s a testament to the value we bring to their businesses. But that’s not all! A dynamic 30% of our clients have chosen not just one but multiple solutions, showcasing the adaptability and depth of our offerings. We position ourselves not merely as a vendor but as a growth partner, evolving with your needs.

Why do customers prefer us? It’s the personalized touch—our team’s dedication to ensuring your seamless journey with us. From top-notch integration to ongoing support, we’re with you every step of the way. At Consark, you’ll discover a celebration of the partnership we’ve built. Our customers are not just consumers; they’re co-authors of this narrative. As we turn the pages, we invite you to join us in celebrating a decade of growth, adaptability, and shared victories. It’s not about where we started or where we are; it’s about the journey we’ve shared with our customers and the promising horizons that lie ahead. Cheers to a decade of transitions, stories, and customer-driven triumphs!

Priti Shah Payswiff, India CEO

"Consark's Finance Close solutions have transformed our accounting close processes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it streamlined our workflow and gave me real-time insights. Highly recommended for efficient financial management!"

Prasad Dhongadi Director Finance, Yahoo Inc.

"Consark has an innovative and forward-thinking tech driven approach to accounting & compliance. Consark’s platform with easy-to-use tools has enhanced overall efficiency & process accuracy. Their proactive support enables them to anticipate potential challenges & provide practical solutions. I highly recommend Consark for accounting & tax technology solutions…."

Senthil Rajkumar V GM Finance, Hyundai Mobis India

"Consark has been instrumental in bringing efficiencies in our financial close process. Their functional experts helped resolve various accounting complications. Consark’s finance close solutions not only reduced our book close life cycle by more than 40% but also reduced time & efforts spent by our team in the audits."

Prabhu Ram Payswiff, Global CEO

"Consark's strong understanding of Payswiff's business, having advised us on previous investment rounds as well as in our M&A pursuits, helped us in articulating our strong economic model clearly. Their experience in global fintech space coupled with a comprehensive team of investment bankers & tax experts together, further ensured a quick closure to the transaction."

Jagannathan SV Senior Director - Corporate Finance - India, Sanmina

"Consark has been engaged with us for over a decade now. They played a critical role in supporting Sanmina India transition to IND AS (IFRS equivalent standards). The team at Consark understands Sanmina's business very well & hence I more often than not turn to them to get quick & effective accounting-related solutions which facilitate quicker issue resolution at our end."

Lakshmi Narayanan Finance Head, Komatsu India

"I’ve been associated with Consark for over a decade. They’re well versed in our systems & processes and the consequential risks in case of deviations. This synergy has played a key role in identifying inefficiencies & making improvements to inefficient processes, resulting in cost reductions. We strongly believe that the latest tech-led risk solutions that Consark is using will certainly yield economic benefits to Komatsu.

Mary Thomas is Lead Solutions Architect at

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